A long history of farming in Saskatchewan

Originally a crop-based farm, Original Family Farm has raised and sold high-quality meats for 25 years, next to land our great-grandparents homesteaded in 1903. Located near Saskatoon, Original Family Farm is one of a small number of provincially inspected abattoirs. Being part of Saskatchewan’s Domestic Meat Inspection Program requires in-depth regular inspections aimed at ensuring humane treatment of animals and safe meat for human consumption.
We produce a wide range of products, including naturally grass-fed bison, chicken raised without antibiotics, heart-healthy pork, and deliciously marbled, tender beef, along with a line of tasty and convenient take-and-bake-ready meals.
– The Sloboshan family
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions:
Email originalfamilyfarm@gmail.com or call 306.222.2859.