Custom Beef & Pork Processing

As a provincially licensed abattoir, we can process your beef and pork. Our fees are priced per pound by Hot Hanging Weight (HHW).

The processing includes slaughter, cutting & wrapping (brown freezer wrap) and grinding (poly freezer bags).

Please review the FAQs on this page. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please contact us.

When can I bring my beef or pork in to be butchered?
Our slaughter days are on Thursdays. They can be dropped off in our pens Thursday morning.

Can I just show up?
No, unfortunately, you can’t just show up. Due to demand, you need an appointment for your livestock. Depending on the time of year, the wait list can be anywhere from weeks to months in advance. It’s best to call (306) 222 2859 to book a time.

What do I need to have when I drop my livestock off?
We require a completed Livestock Manifest. For cattle, we also require a proper CCIA tag in the animal’s ear.

Can I just give you the CCIA tag?
No, the tag must be in the animal’s ear. We cannot accept animals that aren’t properly tagged.

Can I butcher it myself and bring it to you for hanging and processing?
No, as a provincially inspected abattoir, all carcasses we process must be slaughtered on site with the inspector present.

How do you charge?
The carcass is weighed right after slaughter before it’s put in the cooler. This is called the Hot Hanging Weight. This is the weight you will be charged for your processing.

Custom Cutting Order Form
Custom Cutting Order Form - You can (a) download and print out the form to fill in and bring to us at your scheduled appointment or (b) download the form, fill it in online and send it back to us. Click here for the custom cutting order form.

Custom Processing of Wild Game

As a provincially inspected abattoir, we are able to process your wild game into high-quality meat.

Please review the FAQs on this page. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please contact us.

How should I bring my wild game?
You can bring your boneless trim cut up in cubes, fresh or frozen.

Do you make small individual batches or 1 large batch of sausages?
Everyone takes different care of their meat. Because of this, we ensure that we make all separate batches. The meat you bring in will be the meat you get back.

When can I bring my game/meat out?
As we are not a retail outlet, we are usually here 8-5 Monday-Friday. Special arrangments may be made from time to time.

Can I just show up?
It’s best to call before you come out to ensure that someone is around. We suggest reviewing the custom price list to give yourself an idea of the assortment we make as well as the cost. Once you come out, we can weigh your meat, figure out what you want to make, as well as give you a rough price estimate, and give you a timeline when your product will be done.

What do I need to bring?
We cannot accept any wild game meat without a proper meat seal tag.

What do you add to the sausage for trim?
We use 80/20 pork trim. Our standard is 70% game 30% pork, however, we will mix your sausage however you like. We have lean beef trim as well if you prefer.